Bonus Post: Photogenic Yogyakarta

I don’t really have much to say here, I just wanted to post some pictures because we were staying in a really cute area in Yogyakarta.

The place we were staying at was called Greenhost Boutique Hotel. It’s an eco-hotel, so the walls are a hydroponic garden (which produced herbs and veggies for their restaurant) and everything is sustainable and organic. It was designed in a super trendy manner and great for photos. Plus the pool was delightful. We actually stayed an extra day in Yogyakarta just to hang out in the hotel.

Our other motivation for staying an extra day was because there was the best gelato place down the street, called Il Tempo De Gelato. It was packed with local youths (you know I’m old because I used that word) at all hours of the day. We went there every day we were in Yogyakarta.

Here are some bonus photos of the hotel, graffiti around the area, and ice cream.

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