Glamping on the Amalfi Coast

We hadn’t originally planned on visiting the Amalfi Coast since it’s one of the most desired and therefore most expensive tourists destination in Italy. However, we ended up going there anyways after discovering a newly opened seaside campground where we could go glamping. It had just opened up this summer and was conveniently right along the main road so we could get there by bus, and was only a short walk away from the nearest town. The sites were idyllic, with big canvas tents, hammocks hanging from lemon trees, and flowers frequented by hummingbirds. There were also two campground cats that we befriended by feeding them some salami, and most importantly, power outlets and wifi!

Chillin’ at our campground.

The closest town to us was Maiori, one of the smaller, quieter towns on the Amalfi Coast. From here you could catch the ferry to visit other towns, so we decided to also check out Amalfi.


Amalfi, after which the Amalfi Coast is named, is one of the bigger and busier towns. The Amalfi Coast is a bit of a luxury travel destination, so we felt very young, as most of the other tourists were retired couples. The downside of course is that the price of food and souvenirs was almost twice what we had been paying in Naples.


After taking a stroll around the waterfront and main street, we decided to walk up to Ravello, another popular town.

Gelato break!
Coastline views.


I neglected to tell Chris that the walk to Ravello was more of a hike up a few hundred steps, and he was pretty grumpy at first but recovered. As Ravello is on one of the highest parts of the coast, you get great views on the way up, and wander through a few other cute towns. Nevertheless, we were pretty tired when we reached the top, so we stopped for some refreshments and snacks at one of the many adorable cafes. Unrelatedly, this is where I saw the fattest dog EVER.

Hiking up to Ravello.
At the top!

Ravello is known for it’s classical music concerts and gardens, but as we decided our money would be better spent on gelato, we took a walk around and admired the cute streets and views instead, before hiking back down.

Gardens in Ravello.

Maori and Minori

We had originally planned on taking the ferry to Positano on our second day, but got lazy and decided to have a beach day in Maori instead.


Maori has lots of cute beachside restaurants and a really good gelato place, so Chris was pretty excited to relax after all the hiking the day before. Plus not taking the ferry meant we were free to splurge on some seaside dining. From Maori it was a short walk to the next town over, the even smaller Minori.


We also did a bit of tanning at the beach and met some very cute dogs.

A beach friend.
Coastal views on the walk to town.

After all the relaxing, it was time to head up to Milan!

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